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Helping you maximize the impact, growth, and fun this season.

Promotional Files

Download/save the files below for any image or video to use in your church's promotion of FFF.

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The Timeline

1. Review the resources from Fantasy Football Fellowship.

Research and understand the ministry so you're equipped to move forward.

2. Find a Fantasy "Champion"

Who is going to be the person who "champions" the FFF ministry at your church. Is it you, another staff member, or a lay person? This is the one that will be a commissioner and recruit other commissioners and managers. They will contribute to the excitement and momentum. 

3. Recruit Commissioners

The commissioners are the leaders of the league who will facilitate the weekly meetings and organize the league/small group. They will also recruit other managers to participate.

4. Fill Leagues-Recruit/Promote

Whether you have one or multiple leagues, you need to fill each league with 8-14 members/managers. You can create a registration page on your church's website/app and have people sign up for the league/life group. This requires promotion on Sunday mornings, social media, email, and personal invites.

5. The Draft

Schedule the day/time for your leagues to draft their Fantasy teams. Ideally, this will happen in late August. Can host at the church and provide dinner. Make sure the commissioners set up their league on a Fantasy platform (ESPN, Yahoo, etc.) beforehand.

6. Send Log-In Information

Make sure each league member has the log-in information before the draft and has already logged-in and set up their individual team. Also, make sure each league manager has become an individual member on

7. League Meetings

When recruiting commissioners and managers, make sure the time of the weekly "league meeting" has been established. Then be prepared to meet beginning the first or second week of September. The "Breakouts" from FFF will be made available each week and released on Tuesdays beginning in September.


Use the samples below as a template for communicating with your church.

Hey football fans! Play Fantasy Football this season and meet some new people in our church. We are kicking off Fantasy Football Fellowship, which will include weekly "league meetings" consisting of faith and fantasy discussions. Be a part of this exciting new small group. Join us this Sunday for dinner, the draft, some preseason football, and prizes. Please make sure to register. CLICK HERE to register TODAY!

Hey guys, thanks for signing up to play Fantasy Football and be a part of our life group this fall. We're going to have a blast. We have 12 members currently and have closed the group. Here are the details:


1. Draft on Sunday August 27th at 6pm, dinner included at the church.


2. We will meet for "league meetings" beginning September 13th from 8:30-9:30pm on video.


3. Do you prefer if our league plays Fantasy on ESPN or Yahoo?


4. What if we did league communication (group text) on GroupMe? Would that work for you?


Be sure to register as an individual member in order to receive the content we will use during league meetings on


Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to this fall's fellowship!

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