What is the League/Commissioner Kit?

From Draft Day to the Fantasy Playoffs, we equip leagues and commissioners with the tools needed to add meaning and purpose to your Fantasy season. The kit (an addition to the FFF Playbook) is perfect for established Fantasy leagues or new leagues. A commissioner or a leader in your league will help facilitate the “League Meetings” each week and the kit will help him do that.

If you are part of a church and want your church to participate in FFF, check out the Church Kit.

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Complete FFF League Kit Includes:

  • Access to all 20 weekly lesson intro videos.

  • A digital commissioner insider guide on how to run your league with significance and make the most of your fantasy season as a commissioner:

      • How to run weekly “League Meetings” and “Matchup Meetings.”

      • Ways to build community within your league.

      • Ideas to make your draft day more spiritual and personal.

      • Ways to make your league more interesting.

      • Commissioner/leader helpful tips.

      • League suggestions to add meaning to the season.

  • FFF Facebook group for your individual league.

  • Monthly email updates with ideas, reminders, and suggestions.

  • *The Playbook is sold separately.


FFF Playbook

Playbooks (paperback and eBook) are sold individually and separately for each participating league member.

*Bulk rates available for orders of ten or more.