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Draft Strategies and Philosophies

I'm heading into my 20th season of playing Fantasy Football and over the years I've developed certain philosophies and strategies to help me win. Here are a few I'd like to share with you:

1. Diversify your roster with players from different NFL teams.

2. Don't handcuff your own star RB, but instead grab another manager's handcuff.

3. Don't worry about BYE weeks.

4. Draft more running backs than any other position.

5. Draft a combination of young players and veteran players, but be very careful drafting rookies too early.

6. Take chronic injuries very seriously like hamstrings, groins, and feet even though they appear to be minor.

7. Don't worry about a player's NFL schedule.

8. Be careful not to get sucked into a "positional run" but rather go with a different position when that happens.

9. Do consider the character of the players you are drafting.

10. Draft players who provide good value, but sometimes a player drops for a reason so be cautious.

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