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Three Things I'm Convinced Of

With the 2023 NFL season officially starting up tonight, here are three things I am convinced of for the upcoming campaign.

1. Justin Fields Will Be A Top Four QB - Last year, Fields was the QB6, even thought he attempted only 21 passes per game. That just tells you how dynamic he is with his legs, apart from what should be improved abilities in the passing game. The Bears would not have brought in D.J. Moore and passed on Bryce Young in the draft unless they planned to build the offense around Fields. He completed 60.4% of his passing attempts in his second year, and he now has improved weapons at receiver. Jalen hurts was at 61%, but went up to 66% when he got A.J. Brown. Josh Allen was at 59%, but went up to 69% when he got Stephon Diggs. I think we will see something similar with Fields.

2. Mike Williams Will Be A Top 20 Receiver - For whatever reason, the Chargers simply did not throw the ball down the field in 2022, with Justin Herbert averaging a mere 6.8 yards per attempt. But with Kellen Moore coming to Los Angeles as the new offensive coordinator, we can expect the Chargers to be more aggressive in the passing attack this season. Many people are expecting Herbert and the Chargers offense to be great this year. Considering the fact that Keenan Allen has never been a big touchdown guy, those scoring tosses are going to have to go elsewhere. It seems to me like Williams is the most likely candidate.

3. Nick Chubb Will Finish As The RB 1 - Chubb was the RB1 for the first ten weeks of the season last year, before his production dropped off slightly in November and December. With some of the Browns' offseason changes, Chubb will now have an increased receiving roll in the offense. It is not crazy to think that he could lead the league in rushing, score 15 total touchdowns, and have 40 receptions. If he is able to do that, I don't see another running back in the league who would be able to put up better fantasy production that him.

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