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Our hope is that as you play Fantasy Football throughout the season, you find fellowship that involves meaningful conversations about faith and life. Our prayer is that your love for God deepens and your faith grows because most importantly, our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ.


The Fantasy Football Experts

In order to have a successful draft and Fantasy season, we listen to the experts and allow their analysis and predictions to help us. This same mentality is even more important with the daily decisions we make. We can either make them based on our own understanding and perspective…or seek out the advice of those who are wiser than us.


Chaos During a Fantasy Football Draft

When considering our own “draft room” with high gear stress, and situations that cause us to be “on the clock” (nervously going back and forth on what to do so as not to make a mistake), let’s remember that Jesus can give us peace and strength to overcome the craziness. Instead of letting the chaos take over, we can confidently rely on Him for wisdom to make a decision and move forward.


What Happens After Draft Day

Fantasy Football doesn’t end once draft day is over. It’s only the beginning of a season filled with roster management, lineup decisions, dropping and adding, trades, and keeping up with NFL news and notes. With that in mind, the most important day in real life is the one when we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior.

In Season

Week 1 | What is Your Perspective?

Part of what makes Fantasy Football so much fun is how owners within a league can think so differently about players and strategies. We all see the upcoming season through a unique lens. What about the lens we use to view things in real life? How do we decide what’s most important and what we should value?


Week 2 | Surprising Performances

Every year, there are players that come out of nowhere and put up big numbers in the first couple of weeks. The truth is, it’s just a reminder of our limited view and understanding of what happens in Fantasy Football. Likewise, we have a limited understanding of our own future. Often times we experience unexpected blessings and surprises that seem to come out of nowhere. 


Week 3 | Don’t Panic

We are a couple of weeks into the Fantasy Football season and some of us have more losses than wins, a star player out with injuries, or an underachieving top draft pick. If we’re not careful, we can start to worry and make desperate moves. Although negativity can easily take over, we must prevent ourselves from going into the full-on panic mode.


Week 4 | Why Did I Do That?

Fantasy decisions as well as choices we make in life can cause us to have regret. However, as we rest in the grace of Jesus, we can move forward in repentance, knowing that we’ve been forgiven. We don’t have to let regret bring us down or cause us to keep looking back at our mistakes.


Week 5 | Trade Rejected

It’s always fun to make trades during the season, but it’s also challenging to find a deal that both sides can agree on. As owners, we send trade offers to each other and hope that the other owner will accept what we proposed. However, oftentimes the trade is rejected and it’s a huge bummer. So, how do we respond to rejection in Fantasy and life?


Week 6 | The Setback From Injuries

It’s hard to avoid the inevitability of injuries taking place during the football season and in our own lives. So how do we handle the disappointment, frustration, and missed opportunities from the “injuries” that we experience?


Week 7 | Compounding Mistakes

As Fantasy owners, we often draft players we know we shouldn’t. Instead of letting go and picking up new players on the waiver wire, we hurt ourselves by not moving on…and compounding our mistakes. In our own lives, we sometimes don’t stop or let go after the first mistake and end up heading down a path of compounding sin.


Week 8 | Counting the Cost and the Waiver Wire

One of the key ways we improve our Fantasy team is by adding a new player off the waiver wire. Ultimately, we determine if the cost for a free agent is worth more than the player on our roster. Jesus invites us to follow Him and warns us that we must count the cost of “picking up” our cross and “dropping” our former way of life.


Week 9 | Trying to Control the Outcome

When the NFL games kick off, our lineup is set and there’s nothing more we can do. Although we may be disappointed when things don’t go our way, we must accept we’ve done all that’s possible. In life we also control very little, but when we place our hope and faith in Jesus, we can have peace in knowing the One in control provides the best outcome.


Week 10 | Admitting You’re Wrong

At this point in the season, we’re often shocked that the player we believed was going to help us win turns out to be a total bust. The best thing we can do is confess to the other owners that we messed up and that we must release the guy we initially hyped up. Likewise, admitting our personal faults to God and others allows the process of revealing to bring us healing.


Week 11 | Never Giving Up

Losing, in general, takes a lot out of us and in Fantasy Football it’s no different. Even so, owners are responsible to finish the season and still pay attention without walking away. Although we all lose or fail temporarily in life, God still works in us and uses it for our good and His purposes. Instead of giving up, we must persevere.


Week 12 | Hope to Make the Playoffs

At this point in the season, some owners still hold out hope that all the necessary pieces will fall into place to secure their spot in the playoffs - even though it appears unlikely. Followers of Jesus live with an eternally focused hope that even when things don’t turn out how we want them to, God answers our prayers in ways that lovingly fit His purposes.


Week 13 | The Player We’re Glad Got Away

We can be disappointed that another owner drafted the “prized player” we thought would make our team successful, but most likely we’re thankful we didn’t end up with him after all. This scenario also happens in everyday life as we discover how our perceived misses actually set us up for God’s tremendous blessings when we put our trust in Him.


Week 14 | Fantasy Loyalty

For most leagues, week 14 is the start of the playoffs. That means it’s time to move forward with the players who will give us the best chance to win - even if it’s tough letting them go when cheering for them all season. We face this with personal relationships and must ask God to help us move on from those who bring us down and have a negative effect on us.


Week 15 | Consequences for Bad Decisions

With all of the decisions we’re forced to make while playing Fantasy Football, we don’t always make the right ones. We also have countless choices to make in our own lives, which can easily turn out to be wrong. In both situations we suffer consequences. But as followers of Jesus, we can seek God’s wisdom and guidance in our decisions and trust Him to show us the way to reap spiritual blessings.