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Bring Fantasy Football Fellowship to Your Church

FFF for Churches...

  • Builds relationships through draft day, league meetings, breakouts, and matchup meetings.

  • Leverages competition and camaraderie while utilizing faith-based content and encouraging Christ-centered conversations.

  • Turns Fantasy Football leagues into church small groups. 

  • Provides a fresh way to help more people take their next step with Jesus.

  • Encourages those (especially men or young people who are disengaged) to connect with your church.

  • Cultivates community among the sports fans of your church.


Fantasy Football Fellowship is a ministry initiative that can be implemented at any size church. As a member, we give you the framework, information, and resources you need.

Read examples of our "Breakouts"-Fantasy concepts relating to life and Biblical truth.

Fantasy & Life-Stress, Chaos, Decision-Making

Fantasy & Life-What is Your Perspective? Through the Bible or World?

Fantasy & Life-Trying to Control the Outcome

Fantasy & Life-Dealing with "Injuries"

Fantasy & Life-Don't Panic

Fantasy & Life-Counting the Cost

FFF is designed for churches to use as a small group curriculum for life groups or within your sports ministry, men’s ministry, or youth group.

Pastor Discusses Using FFF

Additional Info


What is Fantasy Football Fellowship?

  • A ministry framework and resource for churches.

  • Weekly content relating Fantasy concepts to life and Biblical truth.

  • A Gospel-centered perspective on Fantasy Football that brings meaning and purpose to the season.

  • Designed for small group discussions during "league meetings."

  • Strategies and tools to help cultivate spiritual growth and fellowship during the Fantasy season.


How Your Church Uses FFF for Discipleship?

  • Participants grow in their Biblical understanding through the use of Fantasy parallels.

  • Opportunities to learn from other league members through authentic and relatable conversations within a small group setting.

  • Meet one-on-one weekly with their Fantasy opponent for deeper connections and iron sharpening.


How Your Church Uses FFF For Outreach?

  • Fantasy Football is a relevant and popular activity, easy to participate with no skill required. Anyone can join and play!

  • Joining an FFF league can be the next step for guys on the fringe of the church and a way to get them engaged.

  • FFF "league meetings" provide a comfortable setting for new people and spiritual seekers to build relationships with members of your church.

 Fantasy Football Fellowship Membership

  • Church Toolkit

    What You Need to Implement FFF In Your Church
    Valid for 9 months
    • Access to FFF framework, strategies, and tips
    • Access to information and resources to help church leaders
    • Access to promo video to use for promotion
    • Marketing Plan, email template, images
    • How to recruit commissioners and managers
    • How to overcome objections and build momentum
    • In-Season FFF Email Newsletter with ideas and insights
    • Includes one commissioner membership/access

*Purchase a church toolkit now and then later order the number of individual memberships needed based on the number of participants. The church can choose to pay for everyone or have each individual pay. Either way each individual will have their own login.*


if you'd like info about a custom membership.*

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