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 Fantasy Leagues That Truly Matter 

In 2017, there were 59.3 million people playing Fantasy sports in the USA and Canada. On average, players spend just under 8 hours a week on Fantasy Football.

That's why Fantasy Football Fellowship (FFF) provides opportunities for leagues to find more meaning and purpose as they compete throughout the season. We created ways for commissioners to lead their leagues (a small group of 8-14 members) into thought-provoking conversations about faith and life as they play Fantasy Football with their friends and family.

As you read and discuss the season-long FFF Playbook (more info below), you will build deep relationships, grow in your faith, and explore relevant topics that encourage and challenge you to follow Jesus and become more like Him.


The FFF Playbook

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The FFF Playbook provides weekly topics that take an interesting Fantasy concept and relates it to the Bible and our own lives. Each week includes discussion questions to unpack, a personal prayer, and a weekly challenge.

  • Start your "League Meetings" after your draft while the preseason is going on or begin with Week 1 of the NFL/Fantasy season.

  • Videos compliment each session and are available with your purchase of The FFF Playbook.

  • Purchase your option of a physical copy and/or digital version of the playbook.


How FFF Works


Join a League

Form a league of 8-14 Fantasy Football owners who each run their own team. Use any popular Fantasy platform like Yahoo, ESPN, or NFL.com. Each league needs a commissioner who organizes the Fantasy logistics and leads the FFF discussions at league meetings. 


Host a “Draft Day”

Each league organizes and attends their own Fantasy Football draft. We recommend in-person when possible.


 League Meetings 

Meet weekly in a group setting with the league or have one-on-one "Matchup Meetings" to discuss The FFF Playbook (in-person, video chat, or conference call).


Change Your Life

Build deep relationships, grow in your faith, and explore relevant topics that encourage and challenge you to follow Jesus and become more like Him.


The FFF Team


About the Author

Bryce T. Johnson is the President and Founder of UNPACKIN’ it Ministries. Its mission is to challenge, encourage, and inspire sports fans to follow Jesus and become more like Him. Through media, PACKs, resources, and events, sports fans engage in sports conversations that lead to faith conversations.

Heard nationwide on Sports Byline USA, Bryce weekly hosts the syndicated UNPACKIN’ it radio show, as well as, writes a weekday faith and sports devotional, UNPACK this. A contributor to the Bible App and AthletesInAction.org, Bryce is also a speaker and emcee based in Charlotte, North Carolina where he lives with his wife, Jodi. He’s in his 15th season of playing Fantasy Football and enjoys reminding the other owners in his league that he’s never missed the playoffs.


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