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Draft Day / Fellowship

Video for Draft Day

Share this video with your league right before you start the Fantasy Draft!

Fellowship Ideas

American Football Stadium


Matchup Meeting

Invite this week's Fantasy opponent to grab a meal or get together to connect.


If that's too challenging, then give your opponent a call to catch up and talk Fantasy, life, and faith.



During your league meetings throughout the season, consider asking a couple of league members to share about their faith journey and when they gave their life to Jesus.


Learn from Each Other

Ask the members of your league what books or Scripture they've been recently reading to strengthen their faith.


Open up some dialogue to encourage one another.


Connect with Everyone

Encourage your league to identify someone in the league that they don't know as well or haven't spent as much time with, and reach out to try and get to know them better. Begin the conversation with Fantasy and allow it to lead to life conversations. 



As a league, go serve together in the community or do something thoughtful for a member of your league who needs your help right now.


Positive Highlights

During league meetings, go around the room (virtually or in-person) and ask everyone the highlight of their Fantasy week and the highlight of their week personally. Share about the positive elements of your Fantasy season and your life.

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