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BREAKOUT WEEK 1 : It's All About Decision-Making (2023)

Updated: May 3


As we begin this Fantasy Football season, we set out to be the champion at the end of the year. So, what leads to having a successful season?

It all comes down to decision-making. The first decision each of us makes (and it’s a good one) is to accept the invitation to join a league and say "yes" to the life of Fantasy Football!

Each step of the season is filled with a series of choices and ultimately the best decision-makers are the best Fantasy managers. They are the ones who do the right things with what they can control while playing Fantasy and are the most likely to remain standing until the end of the season.

Yes, many factors will contribute to how our Fantasy season turns out - including surprising injuries to our best players and situations we never saw coming with some NFL teams. Still, the decisions we make and how we respond to each challenge and opportunity will determine how our season turns out. Regardless of the results each week, we must choose to keep playing and do what we can to help our team get better.

Before we even decide what players to draft, we begin making decisions during the preparation for our Fantasy drafts. We decide what experts we’re going to listen to and which ones we aren’t. We determine how much reading we want to do. Finally, we consider the potential outcomes for each Fantasy player and decide who we want to target in drafts.

Then, during the draft, every time we're on the clock we're responsible for deciding who we want to pick and what direction to take with our roster construction. We decide whether it’s more important to draft a quarterback early or wait on one. We choose between loading up on wide receivers early and often or making sure we snag a workhorse running back.

We go through our options each time it’s our turn to draft and are forced to decide between the players still on the board. Do we choose the upside player and potential breakout star or do we lean toward the safe pick and the player with a strong floor?

After all of these decisions we make during the draft, we begin our season and face even more choices. We must choose our team name and every week make lineup decisions to determine our starters and bench warmers. Then after each week, we choose whether or not we want to add a player from the waivers and simultaneously decide if there is a player we’re willing to cut from our current roster.

As the season goes along, we will face opportunities to make trades. Sometimes another manager will send a trade proposal and other times we’ll send one to them. Each time, we choose whether or not to pull the trigger and make the trade.

Every decision we make during the Fantasy season matters and one decision leads to another. If we want to make the most of the year and experience winning along the way, we must do our best to choose rightly and avoid the consequences of foolish choices.

When it comes to our own lives, it's also all about decision-making every day, as life is a series of choices. Every decision we make matters and one decision leads to another. We acknowledge that so much is out of our control and many factors will contribute to how our life turns out, such as surprising “injuries” and situations we never saw coming. But ultimately, we are responsible for making countless decisions each step of the way on our journey.

So how do we choose rightly and make decisions that lead to a successful or rather a meaningful and fruitful life?

The most important decision each of us must make is allowing Jesus to be our Lord and Savior. We must decide whether or not we believe Jesus is the Son of God, lived a perfect life, died on the cross to pay the punishment for sin, and was resurrected.

John 3:36 (ESV) declares, "Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.”

We must choose to accept Jesus' invitation to "join His league" and say "yes" to the life of faith as a follower of His. God sent His Son, Jesus, to be our Savior, so we must decide to accept His “trade offer,” which was His life for ours. Jesus willingly laid down His life on the cross for me and you, and by the power of God He was raised to life. Because of our sinful nature, we deserve death, but because of God’s grace and Jesus’ willingness to take our place on the cross, we can be forgiven and receive eternal life.

Romans 6:23 (AMP) says, "For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God [that is, His remarkable, overwhelming gift of grace to believers] is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord."

1 John 2:2 (AMP) explains, "And He [that same Jesus] is the propitiation for our sins [the atoning sacrifice that holds back the wrath of God that would otherwise be directed at us because of our sinful nature—our worldliness, our lifestyle]; and not for ours alone, but also for [the sins of all believers throughout] the whole world."

Now, as followers of Jesus, we surrender our lives to Him and every day we can choose to live in a way that honors and glorifies God. We do this by choosing His way instead of our selfish ways and deciding to do the right thing as we make wise choices according to His Word and guidance.

Matthew 5:16 (ESV) encourages us to "...let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven."

In Psalm 32:8 (NLT), the Lord promises, “'I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.

I will advise you and watch over you.'"

Every day we are "on the clock" and must choose which direction to go. Every day we face "lineup decisions" and determine who we are going to trust. Thankfully, God is with us each step of the way and worthy to be trusted.

We will experience challenges and opportunities and how we choose to respond will also determine how our life turns out. We have to choose to keep persevering and enduring even after a "loss" as we choose to seek God with all of our hearts.

Yes, all of us have made foolish decisions in the past, but by God's grace and strength, we can make wise choices moving forward. We just have to rely on His help and ask for the wisdom that He provides.

James 1:5 (NLT) tells us, "If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking."

As we move forward throughout the rest of our lives, let's remember that every decision matters. Let's make wise decisions that align with God's Word and through prayer ask God to empower us to make the choices that lead to a winning/purposeful life.

Because of Jesus, we'll remain standing in the end!


1. What were the toughest decisions you faced during the Fantasy draft?

2. What have been the most difficult Fantasy lineup decisions so far?

3. What decisions in your life have had the greatest impact?

4. How do you describe your decision to believe or not believe in Jesus, and receive Him as your Lord and Savior?

5. What holds you back, or challenges you the most, when it comes to choosing God's way each day?

6. What "lineup decisions" in life are you facing this week, and in what ways are you asking God for wisdom?


"We must choose to accept Jesus' invitation to "join His league" and say "yes" to the life of faith as a follower of His. God sent His Son, Jesus, to be our Savior, so we must decide to accept His “trade offer,” which was His life for ours." - Bryce Johnson, Fantasy Football Fellowship


"The Grandstand Sports Services launched the first nationally available Fantasy Football leagues online in 1985." -

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